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News & events

New Cradle “Shalom” Computer Lab for the Newly Born Babe BCA at Darshan College:
“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing things because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down the new paths” – Walt Disney.
Walking on this new path, St. Anthony’s Institution reached a new milestone on 23rd July 2015 by inaugurating “SHALOM” New Computer Lab. The main objective of this is to provide students a strong foundation in computers education and applications, with a clear technology focus and to enable all-round development of the students. The Director Rev Fr. Alwyn Dias welcomed the guests and the gathering. V. Rev. Dr. Dolphy Pias, the President of Capuchin Friars Service Society® blessed and inaugurated the new cradle “Shalom” Computer Lab and addressed the students on how to participate efficiently in the work of nation building and on the role of technology in day-to-day life. The Architect-Engineer Mr. Hakilesh and the Computer technician Mr. Kiran were felicitated as a token of our gratitude. The Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza while expressing the attitude of heart that is gratitude, thanked the President and all the members of the Capuchin Friars Service Society®. He expressed gratitude to all the Priests and Brothers of Dena Seva Ashram, Shanthi Sadhana, Prem Nivas, and the Sisters of Holy Family and Maria Nilaya Convents for their esteemed presence, constant support and encouragement. He thanked the Director Fr. Alwyn, Principals Fr. Roshan and Fr. George, for having conceived the new cradle and for having given birth to a beautiful babe BCA to Darshan College.

Darshan College Celebrates Fresher’s day
As fresh as ever the new semester began like “Second Spring” by welcoming the new arrivals from north, south, east and west. Beautiful bright colours, smiling faces, zeal and enthusiasm of a new beginning graced the whole celebration. As the seniors prepared the platform of exhibition of their talents, the juniors equally responded with their potentialities. In the fun and frolic all were on the “win-win” status such was the talent show of the freshers as well as of the seniors. The Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Nathalia D’ Silva, the Syndicate Member of Bangalore University and also the Principal of Adarsh Evening College exhorted the students to work hard and to do their best without expecting the results, she said the reward in hundredfold will be given by the Almighty God.

St. Anthony’s PU College celebrates Freshers’ Day:
“A hundred new faces, but a million dreams.” That’s what radiated on a memorable day in the life of every fresher at St. Anthony’s P U College. “Let your light shine” was the message of the old buddies to the freshers as they welcomed new buds to the campus. The Freshers’ day was filled with excitement, joy, enthusiasm, music, laughter and happiness – hoping that the same positive energy would help them nourish their goal of life. Rev. Fr. Henry D’Souza, the Administrator of Shanthi Sadhana was the Chief Guest of the day, who in his message called the students to “Concentrate” on the goal and run to achieve it without “Comparing” with others with a “Commitment”. “Start early, Drive slowly, Reach safely” was the slogan given to the students by Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Director of the Institute. Freshers were given an opportunity to exhibit their talents. The event chose the best of bests Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher.

Darshan College inaugurates new academic year and welcomes “new-born babe BCA”:
Joyous atmosphere reigned in the Darshan College Campus as it welcomed the new academic year and a special hilarious escort was accorded to the newly born babe “BCA: Bachelor of Computer Applications”. The Prayer Song paved the way for the introduction of the new faculty by the Director, Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias. He congratulated the students and the staff members as 28 Darshanites shine like stars among the Toppers of “Top 25” of Bangalore University. Rev. Fr. George Monis, the Principal exhorted the students to be leaders, winners and achievers and he said that’s should be your bench-mark. Professor Dr. Xavier addressed the students with the Academic Lecture on “LPG: Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization”.

St. Anthony’s PU College: Parents & Teachers Meet in pursuit of Academic Excellence
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World”. St. Anthony’s PU College conducted Parents-Teachers Meet of 2nd PU Students on 20th June 2015 to brief about the Institution, the Faculty and to set the goals sky high. Having the best of results St. Anthony’s PU College strives for greater academic excellence through the mutual support and encouragement of the Parents and Teachers. The Director, Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias spoke about the role of parents in molding and mending the life of the children and of the importance of the parents in accompaniment of their wards. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario introduced the faculty and also briefed the parents on the various activities which will be conducted during the Academic year.

St. Anthony’s College: Newness of the new Academic Year 2015-16
A wise system of education will at least teach us how little man yet knows, how much he has still to learn.” John Lubbock.
It is said well begun is half done. True to this spirit St. Anthony’s PU College inaugurated the new academic year on St. Anthony’s Feast Day the 13th June 2015. The ceremony began with the prayer dance by the students, invoking the blessings of the Almighty. Rev. Fr. Robin Victor D’Souza, the Administrator of Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka was the Chief Guest. In his most-inspiring and motivating key note address he exhorted the students to be the “SMART Generation” with specific achievable time-bound goals, of course with direction, dedication, disciple and determination.

Darshan College shines with 28 Stars who made it to “Top 25” of Bangalore University:
Darshan College rejoices with its 28 Stars who made it to “Top 25” of Bangalore University. The Students, Staff and Management congratulate the 28 Stars who have taken the name of Darshan College to the greater heights. As the University announced the Third Year results of the BBM and B.Com Section, they nominated the “Top 25” Toppers of the Bangalore University in BBM & B.Com subjects. Great is the good news! Greater the results! Greatest are our 28 Stars. Bravo! You are born to excel as the best of Bangalore University.

Darshan & St. Anthony’s College in search of honey in the Rock:
As we see in the pictures Darshan & St. Anthony’s College has ventured into seeking honey in the rock. The master rock breaker says “honey is found only at the heart of the rock.” So the search goes on and on….breaking and going deeper into the heart of the rock continues. If not the honey at least may we clear the rock from the campus and may we have the space and place for the future ventures of the Institution. Why not a good Science, Commerce and Management Block as the existing building is saturated with the increase in the number of students and with the latest permissions for Extra sections in the PUC with Computer Science and Statistics combinations. Of course a better cradle for the new born babe that’s “BCA” Bachelor of Computer Applications at Darshan College. May all dreams come true and God bless our Institution.

Darshan College bids Farewell to premier batch (2010–2015) of Anthonians
“If meeting brings in lot of joy, parting brings in lot of tears, but what makes difference is the hope of the future.”
The Junior Anthonians hosted a farewell function to the premier batch (2010-2015) of Anthonians. Hail! St. Anthony’s PU College and Darshan College abides as the “Alma mater” of these students who came, lived, studied, graduated and ready to conquer the “world of work” with best of capacities and abilities. If some were excited, some were sad, some were in tears, some were in deepest gratitude to the “Alma mater” which educated and empowered, so that they may explore and excel in the different avenues of the world.


Darshan College established in the year 2002 and situated along the Mysore Road in Kengeri, promotes higher learning in humanities and strives to create a society where people have actualized most of their human and epistemic potentialities. Darshan College offers Doctoral programmes in philosophy and theology, Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Commerce and other short term courses in areas like human resource development, spirituality and educational counselling, Communication skills. The Mission of Darshan College is succinctly expressed in the motto: jnanenaiva vimukthi: “Indeed Liberation is through enlightenment”.

Message from the Director
Welcome to our college website. I hope you will find it informative and helpful in your search for higher learning. I am delighted that you are eagerly considering studying with us and have taken the initiative to look at what our College can offer you. At the very outset I would say, that as spiritual animators in the society, we Capuchin Fathers care for your well-being. Hence, whatever that makes for the goodness, love and joy of a person, to that we dedicate our lives.Hence, whatever that makes for the goodness, love and joy of a person, to that we dedicate our lives.


Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais

OFM Cap.
President C E B

Fr. Alwyn John

OFM Cap.

Fr. Roshan Rosario

OFM Cap.
Principal (P. U. C.)

Fr. George Monis

OFM Cap.
Degree College

Prof. Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza,

OFM Cap.

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