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News & events

“Leadership & Followership” CEB-Seminar @ Christ University, Bangalore.
Christ University Bangalore accorded hospitality and fraternal welcome to the Capuchin Education Board Members with the motto “Excellence and Service”. The Vice-Chancellor Rev. Dr. Fr. Thomas C Mathew called upon the capuchins towards a revolution: from “Good to Great”, from “charismatic person to charismatic organization.” He insisted that we should be the leaders not just like gardeners or agriculturists but like the foresters who look beyond for long-lasting and far-reaching results. Prof. Rev. Fr. Thomas T V while addressing on “Learning organization” he said: be professional, have personal mastery, build-up shared vision & team work, follow a system and have strategies to be relevant. Prof. Rev. Fr. Benny Thomas while speaking on followership, he said a good follower is a great leader because he will have an exemplary, critical and pragmatist approach to the persons and to the institution. Dr. Fr. Jose C C emphasized on the set of values, beliefs, understandings, commitment and convictions while addressing on the “Organizational Culture”. Since finance is the life, breath and well-being of any institution, there should be financial transparency, accountability and stability, then only an organization can grow said Rev. Dr. Fr. Varghese K J, the Finance Officer of Christ University. Thanks to the efforts and meticulous planning of Prof. Dr. Kennedy Thomas who organized and arranged for the smooth running of the seminar and CEB Meeting in the abode of Christ University!
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“Mad Ads” Competition @ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore
“Mad Ads” Competition is truly a space, a place and a platform to invent, to innovate, to imagine, to create and to demonstrate the concept and to penetrate the world of advertisement. The Darshanites showcased their creativity, imagination, acquaintance and ability to perform and to promote the marketing strategies. Why “Mad Ads”? It’s nothing but a “mad” mixture of “ad” textures: concept, creativity, humor, fun and frolic. The Exceptional Judges in the person of Mr. Karthik L. Bhat, a Senior Software Engineer from CISCO, who is also an entrepreneur who runs a company called Crazy Yatra which conducts adventurous events. He is also part of Ranga Shankara Theatre and Sambrama Sanga in CISCO. The other eminent Judge, Mrs. Jyothi A. N, is Head of HR and Media Department at Rajarajeshwari Group of Institutions. She is a passionate dancer, singer and talented soul who won laurels at State and National Level Competitions. Both the Judges inspired and motivated the Students of Darshan College through various performances: dance, song, mime, mad ads etc. “Brave are those who inspire through action” said the Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza and honored the Judges, then he thanked Prof. Chandrika for bringing such versatile judges to the College Campus. Vow! What an opportunity for the students to match the madness with the advertisement!
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PU Day “Au Revoir” Celebration @ St. Anthony’s PU College, Kengeri, Bangalore
“Good Bye & Au Revoir” simply means “with you forever, see you again, till we meet again”, for it was the turn of the Juniors pouring out their sentiments of love, gratitude, best wishes to the Seniors. Ist PU Students of St. Anthony’s P.U. College made the best of the day with great enthusiasm and nostalgia. Dances, songs, music and fun accompanied the exciting moments whereas the tears and exchange of the embraces continued as one bid good bye & au revoir. The Director, Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, thanked each student and their parents for their trust and confidence and motivated the students to believe in their strength. “Be disciplined and be determined, “you can & you will” achieve the goal, let this be your passion” he said. The Principal of St. Anthony’s PU College, Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, wished good luck and called upon the students to break all the records of the predecessors and come out with flying colours. Heart touching speeches from the Seniors in appreciation of the Management, the Principals, the Faculty members, the non-teaching staff, the infrastructure, the clean and green campus left everyone with tears of joy and fulfilment. With lit candles the Juniors took a pledge to carry on the flame of traditions of their Alma Mater and promised to become true Anthonians who excel as global leaders. The Good Bye & Au Revoir celebration continues with these words: “Carry your candle, light up the skies; hold out your candle, for all to see! Be a beacon, to blaze the hearts; take your candle, go light your world...”!
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Business Quiz: “Brain Booster Season II”@ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore
The business quiz competition was conducted in two phases: Prelims and Finals. Total 31 teams participated and six groups made it for the Finals. The Finals of the “Brain Booster Season II” was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Vijesh Loyd Menezes, The Treasurer, Holy Trinity Capuchin Province of Karnataka. His brain storming speech awakened the hearts, minds, intelligence and knowledge of the Darshanites. The Quiz Master Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza, the Vice-Principal briefed about the creative and innovative structure and parameters of the business quiz. The Brain Booster quizzed on: Identify the logos and taglines, Identify the Brand Ambassadors, Identify the company and the brand of the cars & mottos, Identify the companies and their founders, Audio Round to identify the voice of famous politicians, Video Round to identify the name of the movie, Rapid Fire to quiz on Swami Vivekananda, Demonetization, Cartoon, Karnataka, Religion & College. The Principal Rev. Fr. George Monis declared the best three winners: Smarties, Logical Minds and Free Thinkers. Boosted by the enormous information the audience left the scene more intelligent and wiser!
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Graduation Day, La Cuisine et La Musique Fête @ Darshan College & St. Anthony’s PU College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
Graduation day is a day to rejoice, a day to celebrate for it marks completion of educational journey and commencement of another challenging journey of life in search of success and happiness. The Convocation and the delivery of certificates is a culmination of many years of hard work in the relentless pursuit of knowledge, knowledge which enables person to embrace opportunities and take on challenges with clear vision and purpose. The Principal, Rev. Fr. George Monis, accorded a red-carpet welcome to the dignitaries and the gathering. The Registrar Evaluation, Bangalore University Prof. Dr. M. Shankar Reddy, and the Deputy Registrar Evaluation, Prof. N. Srinivasan were welcomed and honoured by V. Rev. Dr. Dolphy Pais, the Provincial Minister and the President of Capuchin Education Board. The Registrar honoured the Graduates with the Certificates and called upon them to contribute to the development of the nation and work towards sustainable economy. The shining star of Darshan College Ms. Tejaswini K. J. who bagged 9th Rank in Bangalore University was felicitated by the Director Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias. The PU 19th & 20th State Rank holders Ms. Preeta Juliet and Ms. Sahana Mary were felicitated by Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, the PU College Principal. During the Formal function of the Musical and Food Fête, Prof. Dr. Sr. Elizabeth CS, appreciated the good work done by the Capuchin Fathers in the field of education specially for the rural youth, moulding them to have purpose in life and leading them to sparkle like the shining diamonds. The Celebration also witnessed three judges for the dance competition Prof. Rohini, Prof. Suguna and Prof. Naveen. The Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza expressed deep sense of gratitude to everyone present for their gracious presence. While the students enjoyed most of the celebration, the flash mob captured the delight and delice of the dance floor as most memorable event!
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Darshan College Students on Industrial Visit to Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Bangalore
To empower, to expose and to enhance the career, capacity and skills of the students the industrial visit plays an important role. It is not enough to have the theoretical knowledge but to make a good professional the practical perspective of the world of work is essential. It is only through interaction one comes to know the working methods, working environment and employment practices. With this objective in focus, Darshan College Principal Rev. Fr. George Monis organised industrial visit to Toyota Kirloskar Motors, the Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin accompanied the students along with the staff. The Administrative Staff of Toyota, Mr. Gopinath, lead the group with the six principles of working in Toyota: “Challenge, Kaizen, Genche, Genbutsu, Respect and Teamwork”. He kept on repeating “problems are golden eggs at Toyota; no problem is the biggest Problem.” In his admonition to the students he said not to run away from problems but to face the problems by trying to find out the root cause of the problem. He then introduced the Gurukul-Training Institute which trains Toyota employees to work in any Toyota Unit at the Global level because of SOP-Standard Operation Process that is 191 processes with 38 stations. Present in 160 countries, Toyota, it is truly quality revolution!
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Annual Sports Meet @ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore
“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” True to these words of Michael Phelps, the Olympic Medal winning swimmer, the Darshanites dreamed to discover and to display their inner talents without any limit. As it is said, a sound mind resides in a sound body, the spirit of sportsmanship, leadership, unity in competition resulted in the success of the annual sports meet. The group events and athletics catered to the tastes and talents of everyone. The events like kho-kho, throw ball, volley ball, kabaddi, tug of war, cricket and shuttle badminton built-up the team spirit. The athletics 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay, shot-put, discus throw made individuals as champions who never looked back. The Director Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias inaugurated, the Principal of St. Anthony’s PU College Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario motivated, the Principal Rev. Fr. George Monis appreciated the presence and participation of each student, and the Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza piloted the whole annual sports meet. Indeed, there was neither limit for the dreams nor for the achievements! Bravo Darshanites!
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Darshan College organises NSS Special Camp @ Sumanahalli, Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore.
“Not Me But You” with this inspirational motto of National Service Scheme (NSS), the Darshanites volunteered themselves to camp at Sumanahalli, Rehabilitation Centre-“Village of people of good heart”. Sumanahalli is a heart which loves, lights and lives by reaching out to thousands of persons in need of help, support and accompaniment. The camp was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. R Srinivas, the NSS Co-ordinator of Bangalore University, in the presence of Rev. Fr. Lindo, the Director of Sumanahalli, Rev. Fr. George, the Principal of Darshan College, Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Director, Rev. Fr. Nitin, the Vice-Principal, Prof. Dr. Manjula, the NSS Co-ordinator, Prof. Divyashree, the Camp Organisor. Fifty-one NSS volunteers participated to deepen the spirit of other-orientedness. Every visit and each activity opened the minds and hearts of the students. A “real life” was made visible to them through: “Shramadan, care of the sick, rehabilitation centre of the leprosy patients, visit to the HIV care unit, Echo-care of juvenile delinquents, Bosco-home for the destitute children.” The evening camp-fire not only strengthened the bond and unity among the volunteers but also brought together all the inmates of Leprosy Centre. During the valedictory programme Prof. Dr. R. Srinivas awarded the students and appreciated their love and concern towards the less privileged one’s the “last, lost and least” of the society!
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“Battle of Brains” Quiz Competition @ St. Anthony’s PU College
“Exuberating, enlightening, engaging and motivating” would be the words which describe the 2nd Edition of ‘Battle of the Brains’ held at the Pace et Bene Seminar Hall, St. Anthony’s PU College. Two prelim rounds for nearly 80 teams were conducted to select 6 teams for the final round of battle in Quiz. In the finals, 6 visual rounds were conducted such as: Logos, Taglines, Personalities, English, Match the Following and Rapid Fire. Interesting and intuited questions were asked, testing each aspect of the educational knowledge and current affairs. Each team put up a wholehearted effort, and the best among them “Kalam’s Creators” aced the First Position. True to its spirit, the competition aimed at developing the knowledge and excellence among the students through healthy and highly motivating meet. The students crammed themselves with lot of General Knowledge for the Quiz. Kudos to all the 6 Finalists. Rev. Fr. Naveen Santhosh D’Souza, OFM. Cap honoured the occasion as the Chief Guest and appreciated the zeal and intelligence of the Battling Brains!
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Christmas & New Year Celebration @ Darhan & St. Anthony’s PU College
Christmas is a season of joy and celebration. The universal message of Christmas crosses all boundaries and breaks all barriers of religion, faith and culture embracing whole humanity. Inspired by the same spirit the Anthonians gathered together to re-live and to re-enact the scene of Christmas. The three Kings of Orient led by the Star of Bethlehem found true light in the newly born babe Jesus of Nazareth. This spirit of one family reined the celebration as they sang, danced, enacted and portrayed the multi-lingual and multi-cultural Christmas programme. The Chief Guest V. Rev. Dr. Fr. Salvadore Fernandes, The Rector of Darshan Institute of Theology and the Councilor of Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka shared an inspiring message where the Birth of Jesus is the culmination of the mystery of visibility, the Immanuel: God-with-us. He said, “Our life is meaningful only when we live this mystery fully by loving and embracing the humanity and creation as God’s precious gift.” God bless us for the New Year 2017.
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“Maiden Rank” BBM 9th Rank @ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore.

“Dancing Feet” – Dance Competition @ St. Anthony’s PU College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! With the aim of honoring the dancing skills of the students, St. Anthony’s PU College has organized “Dancing Feet” Dance competition. The melodious musical fusions in Kannada, English and Hindi set the floor on fire with the energetic performances. The musical vein with the best of choreography, elegance, co-ordination and presentation marked the sequences and left the judges spellbound. The Eminent artists Mrs. Sushma, Mr. Deepak Serrao, Mrs. Rovena Rodrigeus and Ms. Jenifer Kispotta proclaimed the results of the dancing queen and of the dancing prince. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, expressed his gratitude for making the best of the dancing feet, for it is world’s favorite metaphor!
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Annual Sports Meet @ St. Anthony’s PU College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
“Play for the pure love of the game” was the spirit of the champions who put together their hearts and minds to play every bit of their time on annual athletic meet. St. Anthony’s PU College witnessed a tremendous energy and enthusiasm under the leadership of the Principal Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario and Physical Education Director Prof. Srinidhi. Salutations to the Chief Guest, Prof. Girish K. Shetty, the Principal of Radhakrishna School who motivated the students on the importance of sports in the lives of the students, “sports makes complete human person” he said. Sports is a theatre where every opportunity is transformed and transcended by the champions running with hope and winning with dreams. The perfect synchronisation of the march-past, lighting of the torch, oath taking ceremony and induction of the team leaders elevated the true spirit of sportsmanship. The champions kept on playing till they showcased their potential talents with the best of results! May the flame of the champions glow forever!
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Our Faculty


Darshan College established in the year 2002 and situated along the Mysore Road in Kengeri, promotes higher learning in humanities and strives to create a society where people have actualized most of their human and epistemic potentialities. Darshan College offers Doctoral programmes in philosophy and theology, Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Commerce and other short term courses in areas like human resource development, spirituality and educational counselling, Communication skills. The Mission of Darshan College is succinctly expressed in the motto: jnanenaiva vimukthi: “Indeed Liberation is through enlightenment”.

Message from the Director
Welcome to our college website. I hope you will find it informative and helpful in your search for higher learning. I am delighted that you are eagerly considering studying with us and have taken the initiative to look at what our College can offer you. At the very outset I would say, that as spiritual animators in the society, we Capuchin Fathers care for your well-being. Hence, whatever that makes for the goodness, love and joy of a person, to that we dedicate our lives.Hence, whatever that makes for the goodness, love and joy of a person, to that we dedicate our lives.


Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais

OFM Cap.
President C E B

Fr. Alwyn John

OFM Cap.

Fr. Roshan Rosario

OFM Cap.
Principal (P. U. C.)

Fr. George Monis

OFM Cap.
Degree College

Prof. Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza,

OFM Cap.


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