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News & events

St. Anthony’s PU College: Inauguration of the New Academic Year 2016-2017
“Education is the movement from darkness to light”. True to this call, St. Anthony’s PU College inaugurated the new academic year to walk on a renewed path. Invoking God’s blessings, raising the hearts and minds with gratitude for the excellent results, welcoming the young energetic students, extending a warm welcome to the new faculty members, the new academic year paved it’s way forward. Prof. Smitha Jessica Fernandes, an Advocate by Profession, a Judge in the making, was the Chief Guest of the function. She motivated the students to set a goal in life and work towards it. She stressed on the importance of prioritizing different aspects of life. Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Director congratulated the II PU Toppers specially Preetha Juliet who scored 96% in Commerce Stream with 19th Rank for Karnataka. “Everything is possible when we dedicate and determine with certain discipline” he said. The Director called upon the students to excel in academic activities and suggested to follow the motto “Born to Win and Born to Excel”. The principal of St. Anthony’s PU College Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario introduced the faculty members and welcomed the new blooming flowers. The Principal of Darshan College Rev. Fr. George Monis, congratulated and felicitated the meritorious students who passed out of 1st Year PUC. The Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza, wished that the newly welcomed Anthonians break all the records in the academics as well as in the co-curricular activities. Hail Anthonian family in the new academic year!

Seminar on Campus to Corporate “C2C”@ Darshan College
“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell them ‘certainly I can.’
Then get busy and find out how to do it.”
Theodore Roosevelt
With the arrival of May month and May flowers, there arrive also Recruiters to the Campus. Their mantra becomes a resonance in the Campus, “right candidate for the right job at the right time”. The Placement Cell of Darshan College initiated the Seminar on Campus to Corporate World in order to help the students to discern the expectations and the challenges of the Corporate World. Mr. Vinay and his team of ZOBRA Learning presented the aspirations and the modern challenges of the Corporate World. Their motivational seminar helped the students to identify “Skills needed to Enter, Sustain and to Nurture corporate life.” It also enabled the students to understand the transition needed from a student becoming a professional. As almost 80% of the Indian employers say that today’s students lack soft skills and social skills necessary to fit into the corporate culture of their organization, this initiative of Darshan College is one of the responses to such a lacuna. The Placement Cell also invited different Recruiters so that the candidates have an opening to the world of work wherein their aptitudes and their aspirations meet the demands of the actual market. Certainly, Campus to Corporate Seminar has been an exciting and phenomenal step in the lives of the would-be corporate candidates. Yes we can!


Our Faculty

Farewell Celebration @ Darshan College
“Good luck... Farewell... the best to you....These words are just the start...
Of all the things we would like to say....That comes from all our hearts.”

“You have a dream to follow...We are very excited for you...
We hope you’ll enjoy your new life...And be happy in all you do...”

With these sentiments and feelings Darshanites witnessed another landmark of bidding farewell to its IV and V batch graduates of B.Com and BBM respectively. The event marked the magnitude as the seniors were hailed for their academic journey & presence in the institution, the distribution of the prizes for various sports & cultural events, honouring the Blood donors and the NSS candidates with the Certificates of Appreciation. The Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Denis Veigas, the Director of Franciscan Institute of Spirituality in India, Shanthi Sadhana, in his address motivated the students to have a dream & a vision which will lead every individual to transform and to transcend. The future success of everyone depends on how one opens up to the greater realities of life through the education and the value based formation. He concluded that broader the vision, better the future. A memorable day of dances on the stage and dining in the campus all in honour of the Seniors! Good Luck! Good Bye!

Product Launch Initiatives @ Darshan College
Product launch events are essential to the existence, survival or success of any business. They play a vital role because they are always “start-up” initiatives. Therefore, the product launch initiatives are designed to achieve the specific purpose of creating awareness and publicity for a particular product/brand. Success of the event can determine the future of the product, for it can generate a lot of buzz, for it can pick-up momentum, for it can be directly responsible for post-launch sales. In view of giving practical exercise and experience to the future entrepreneurs Darshan College organised a competition. The launching event was graced and judged by Mr. Manjunath C N a well-known Architect of great calibre, and Mrs. Rowina Serrao a Management Graduate who excelled at Christ University. Both the judges shared their expertise in architecture and management and gave some tips for an effective product launch, i.e., aesthetics, effective presentations, catchy captions and mind-blowing messages.

Government of Karnataka face-à-face National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions @ Vikasa Soudha, Bangalore.
The Education Department of Karnataka and the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, New Delhi, interacted with one another to sort out some of the burning issues concerning the Minority Educational Institutions. It was firmly affirmed that the Minority Status Certificates issued by the National Commission are to be accepted by the Education Department of Karnataka because it is issued by a valid recognized legal body constituted by the Government of India. Once it is issued they need not be renewed every year or once in five years because the validity is not for the duration but for the Minority Status of the Institution either linguistic or religious. It was also announced that those institutions having the Minority Status Certificates do not come under the purview of the RTE 25% admissions as it is declared by the Supreme Court. Further, the stand of Karnataka Government to declare an institution as linguistic or religious minority one must have 25% for Schools & PU Colleges and 50% for Degree Colleges was questioned because when the total minorities in Karnataka form only 16.28% how can this be possible? Hence, the National Commission has urged the Government of Karnataka to review it’s stand in this regard. The Government representatives have assured that they will further study on the matter and do the needful at the earliest. Br. Alwyn Dias represented the Capuchins at the Vikasa Soudha.

Debate Competition @ Darshan College, Kengeri.
“Argument is conclusive... but... it does not remove doubt, so that the mind may rest in the sure knowledge of the truth, unless it finds it by the method of experiment.”
In view of contemplating the current themes and trends, and to give an intellectual boost to the young minds Darshan College invited three highly intellectual jury members who have made a difference in the society i.e. Mr. Sugun Daniel Coelho, Mrs. Philomena Fernandes and Mr. M Ramachandran to deliberate, discuss and to discern the arguments and counter-arguments. The event began with the famous verse: “Vidya dadati vinayam, vinayam dadati patratam, patratvam dhanamapnoti, dhanaddharmam tatah sukham” which means “true or complete knowledge gives discipline, from discipline comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth one does good deeds, from that comes joy.” The intellectual calibre of the competitors was tested on the following topics: 1. Wearing Helmets is essential for both vehicle rider and pillion. 2. Social networking sites are generally beneficial to our way of life. The jury declared the winners on the parameters of content, language, delivery, logic, synthesis, argumentation, time utilization and presentation. The event co-ordinator Prof. Basanthi Goswamy was hailed for the leadership, the event competitors were applauded for their intellectual capacity to argue and to counter-argue.

“Steppin’Out” Dance Competition @ Darshan College
“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” This expression of Alvin Ailey speaks volumes about Dance. Dance is a world in itself, for it is a way of knowing and communicating. It communicates culture, customs, traditions and life situations. It has it’s own language which one has to understand and appreciate. As it is said, “The body never lies”, dance portrays the inner perceptions and inner realities of mind and body. Different teams with different attire gave full expression to the music and took the eminent Judges and the audience to the celestial world. The performance of “Steppin’Out” was judged by Rev. Sr. Teresia, Rev. Sr. Roopa and Jurist Ms. Smitha. The Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza welcomed the gathering, the Principal Rev. Fr. George Monis thanked the judges and the participants. Prof. Bharati co-ordinated the event filled with wonderful fusion of classical, folk, jazz and hip hop!

“MAD-ADS” Competition at Darshan College
“Mad-Ads” show is a creative and innovative way of publicity & advertisement. Dashanites made the best of the opportunity to showcase their creativity in launching and in marketing products and services. The objective of acquainting the students with promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements reached the pinnacle when they presented the conceptual “mad-ads” with humour, fun and frolic. Prof. Dr. Ashok, the HOD for MCA Department of Global Institute of Management Sciences was one of the judges, who is an expert in theatre and art, and also has organised several cultural and management competitions. The other eminent judge was Mr. Yatish, a software engineer working for CISCO Systems, who is also an artist and producer of short Kannada Films. What marked the event was different teams, different products, different marketing strategies, and different presentations with innovative and creative ideas at the helm! The Principal Rev. Fr. George Monis appreciated the initiatives, the Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza thanked the participants, and the Co-ordinator of the programme Prof. Chandrika, declared the champions who could mesmerize the consumerist society with mad-ads!

“Darshan College Visits Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd & Experiences the Quality Revolution”
“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” said the French Philosopher Albert Camus. In line with the above Oliver Holmes affirmed “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Having these expressions in mind Darshan College encouraged and organised an industrial visit to the well-known “Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. and it’s quality revolution.” The students discovered with their own eyes and had the firsthand experience of innovative and creative revolution of Toyota through interaction and exposure to the working methods and employment practices. The novelty of Toyota’s revolution lies in Toyota Production System (TPS). To understand this, the students were introduced to the history of Toyota in India, then the “Gurukul” where the new employees are inducted, followed by Innovation Center, National Manpower Excellence Center, 5.5 km Test Track, Parts Distribution Center, and finally Completely Build Unit which stores the manufactured motors. Moreover, the students were touched by the social responsibility of the company which caters to the school dropout youth through Toyota Technical Training Institute. The success of Toyota lies in the DNA of TPS which upholds the five pillars philosophy. They are: 1) Challenge. 2) Kaizen (Continuous innovation). 3) Genchi Genbutsu (Going back to the roots of the problem). 4) Respect. 5) Teamwork. That’s the secret of Toyata’s quality revolution!

St. Anthony’s PU College celebrates “Senior’s Goodbye Day”.

“Goodbye my friend,...the love you gave me through all years, will take away these tears” a song sung by Linda Ronstadt, resounded the campus all along the day. The “Farewell” to the PU Seniors was a mixture of smiles & cries, fear & tears. As another pursuit, another life-style, another rhythm of life awaits them in future, and that too saying goodbye to the “Alma mater” and to it’s lovely faculty which nurtured and nourished became a painful event. However the PU Juniors with dance, music, games and fun made this passage of life, “parting of friends” a meaningful and joyous one. The champions and winners were accorded with the prizes, medals and certificates. The exemplary & beloved Principal of the Seniors, Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, bidding them goodbye, blessed them with valuable and motivational insights: “May you shine like stars, dream the impossible, reach the unreachable, be true to the glorious quest...”! To keep the memory of the “Alma mater” mementos were given, and as a response the outgoing Seniors sang the song of thankfulness “How shall we thank you enough”! For the first time in the history of the College, the sentiments of gratitude overflowed from the Seniors by donating a Computer to the College! Bravo, be the heralds to the world!

Kannada Newspaper’s coverage on St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College:
The various Kannada Newspapers covered the College Day Celebration at St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College. It’s really praiseworthy that the press and media is interested in the mission and ministry of the Capuchins in and around Kengeri. May this good work continue and may the Capuchins shine all through!

Darshan College, Kengeri celebrates Annual Sport “rendez-vous” with the motto “If you believe it, the mind can achieve it.”
The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else,” said Martina Navratilova, tennis player. Apart from commemorating victories, Sports Meet also aims at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to students. Darshan College Annual Sport “rendez-vous” was the most exciting event of the academic year which began with a prayer song “We shall overcome”. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Geogre Monis welcomed the gathering; The Director, Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias declared open the Sports Meet; The Asst-Director, Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, lighted the Olympic torch; The Vice-Principal, Rev. Fr. Nitin D’souza, organised the whole Sports Meet along with the faculty members. The bevy of events included track and field, 100m, 200m, 400m race & relay, tug of war, shot put, cricket, kho kho, volley ball, throw ball, foot ball and shuttlecock. Amidst the competitors and the champions Mr. Chandrashekar and Mr. Vasanth the Physical Education Trainers of Gnana Bodhini High School won the hearts of the students for they succeeded in giving the just and fair decisions. The winners and the champions believed in their talents and their minds made it to achieve every set goal. Bravo! The Sports “rendez-vous” instilled the spirit of sportsmanship in every heart!

St. Anthony’s PU College and Darshan College celebrate College Day:
“Jnanenaiva Vimukthi: Liberation through knowledge” is an evocative motto of St.Anthony’s Institutions run by the Capuchin Friars of Karnataka. An incredible and extravagant College Day was celebrated by the Anthonians wherein the Registrar of Bangalore University, Prof. Dr. K. K. Seethamma as a Chief Guest, she felicitated the Bachelor’s Degree Holders with the convocation Certificate. Stressing on the role of teachers as good mentors the Registrar gave a new impetus to the academics as well as to the life out-side the classrooms. In her address she recalled the contributions of Dr. Varghese Kurien, Swami Vivekananda and others who had a dream for the nation. Being an Economist of high profile she highlighted on the global and local market and she stressed that progress and development is possible only when every child in this country is empowered with education.

Darshan College NSS Unit camps at Sumanahalli Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre
Darshan College NSS unit ventures into social service and unveils to the students the taste of service of the needy, poor & the marginalized. Under the able leadership of the Principal Rev. Fr. George Monis, Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza and the Faculty members, 50 NSS volunteers camped at Sumanahalli, a village of “people of good will”. All began in 1978 at the initiative of the then Chief Minister of Karnataka and the then Arch Bishop of Bangalore to treat and to rehabilitate the leprosy-afflicted persons in and around Bangalore. The Good work continued to treat and rehabilitate not only the leprosy-afflicted persons but also HIV inflicted patients, disabled destitutes and street children of Bangalore. Today, Sumanahalli is a model of “par excellence” of collaborative, voluntary and participatory action of Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Lay People to extend helping hand for the empowerment of the poor and the marginalized.

Cultural Christmas Celebration @ Darhan & St. Anthony’s College
The Spirit of Christmas embraced the Anthonians and inspired them to go beyond the borders, religions, faiths and cultures. As the Star of Bethlehem lead the quest of the three Kings of the Orient, finding the true light in the newly born babe Jesus of Nazareth, so also the openness to fraternity and solidarity made the Anthonians to walk together as children of God embracing the whole humanity. This spirit of one family reined the celebration as they sang, danced, enacted and portrayed the multi-lingual and multi-cultural Christmas celebration. The Chief Guest V. Rev. Fr. Jerome, the newly elected Prior of Benedictine Monastery, Ashirvanam, shared a fitting message where the Birth of Jesus is the culmination of the mystery of visibility, the Immanuel: God-with-us. He said our lives are meaningful only when we live this mystery fully by loving and embracing the humanity and creation as God’s precious gift. What we receive, may we share with one another for the Glory of God and for the peace on earth in the coming days and the year 2016!

NSS Special Camp by Darshan College Students at Sumanahalli Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Vijaya Karnataka reports on 13.12.2015.


Darshan College established in the year 2002 and situated along the Mysore Road in Kengeri, promotes higher learning in humanities and strives to create a society where people have actualized most of their human and epistemic potentialities. Darshan College offers Doctoral programmes in philosophy and theology, Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Commerce and other short term courses in areas like human resource development, spirituality and educational counselling, Communication skills. The Mission of Darshan College is succinctly expressed in the motto: jnanenaiva vimukthi: “Indeed Liberation is through enlightenment”.

Message from the Director
Welcome to our college website. I hope you will find it informative and helpful in your search for higher learning. I am delighted that you are eagerly considering studying with us and have taken the initiative to look at what our College can offer you. At the very outset I would say, that as spiritual animators in the society, we Capuchin Fathers care for your well-being. Hence, whatever that makes for the goodness, love and joy of a person, to that we dedicate our lives.Hence, whatever that makes for the goodness, love and joy of a person, to that we dedicate our lives.


Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais

OFM Cap.
President C E B

Fr. Alwyn John

OFM Cap.

Fr. Roshan Rosario

OFM Cap.
Principal (P. U. C.)

Fr. George Monis

OFM Cap.
Degree College

Prof. Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza,

OFM Cap.


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